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Dear reader, welcome to MyCrystalGems website. Crystals and Gemstones, in my opinion, can give you energy, can boost your moral, can help with your physical and mental health and many other extraordinary things.


A little story about my journey in the Crystals and Gemstones World

I discover Crystals and Gemstones a few years back when I was introduced in this world by a very special Greek Girl* 😉 , and since then I experience and enjoy their powers every day. For the past 2 years, I wear them every day, either as a necklace or bracelet or even in a pouch, and I can assure you that made a great impact in many aspects of my life.

I believe that many people wear crystals and gemstones for their unique aspect and design, and its nothing wrong with that, because they are a beautiful piece of jewelry, but also this magnificent stones can also provide us with a lot of benefits ( if you believe in this of course ) 🙂


Experience their power and enjoy their benefits.

Life Motto :

If I can help enough people to get what they want, I will have everything that I want !

Based on my life motto…, I want for each and every one of you to embark on a journey in the Crystals and Gemstones world. Definitely, they help me in my everyday life, and I want to share my knowledge and experience with you, the best that I can.

I want more and more people to see, feel and enjoy this amazing world. Please keep an open mind when you gonna read my articles, and I hope that I will be successful in lighting the spark in your soul.


Let’s create a better world !

Please spread the word !  … but until there, you need to personally have and experience this magnificent stones.

I know more and more people, once they get a crystal or a gemstone they gonna fall in love with it, and they will want to have more.

Either you are new to Crystals and Gemstones world or not, I suggest to fasten your seatbelt because you are about to embark on a new life-changing adventure.


Let’s start the journey !!! …. and if you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact me, and I’ll be more than happy to help you out 🙂

Sincerely yours,


Founder of  MyCrystalGems.com



  1. Michelle

    Wonderful attitude, George. You seem like a giver and our world needs more of people like you. Much success on your journey online. I love crystals and I will be checking in with you from time to time.

    1. George (Post author)

      Hey Michelle,

      Thank you so much for your wonderful words, means a lot for me. You seem like a giver as well, and i’ts great. I agree with you, yes the world needs more givers. I’m really happy that you like crystals, because they like you to.

      Till next time 🙂
      Best wishes !

  2. Ricardo E Cisneros

    Hello George,

    Love the subject matter and your web page is crisp!!!

    Now, as a suggestion consider adding a story of how you became interested in gems and related matter. What provided inspiration? A brief story about your experience could help your readers appreciate the subject matter a bit more and personalize the experience.

    I love the subject matter so I can follow the history however consider that the subject matter is not quite that easy to understand if you’ve never come across it. Suggestion; you know your subject matter just read through your paragraphs a couple of times and see if it you get any ideas on the readability aspect of it.

    I find that it often helps me to re-read anything I’ve written several times and sometimes I’ll leave a piece for a day then come back and I’ll spot stuff I didn’t catch on my original editing.

    These are just a few thought for your consideration. Hope it helps.

    All My Best 🙂

    1. George (Post author)

      Hello Ricardo,

      Thank you very much, for taking the time to reply. I really appreciate your opinions, and i value them a lot.
      I see that you like the subject matter, and this is great. I will wait for you to visit my website again.

      Till next time 🙂
      Best wishes !

  3. C Blakey

    Hello George,
    Nice explanation of precious gems and semi-precious gems. Before your site, I never knew. It was interesting and you presented it in an interesting way. I too like gems, but more for their beauty than anything else. (and as wind chimes and musical instruments, not necessarily jewelry. lol) Great site here, Keep up the good work!

    1. George (Post author)

      Hey C Blakey,

      Thank you for your vote of confidence. I am really happy that you also like gems, and in my opinion, their beauty is very important. Have a look now and then on my website, you will find out a lot of new and interesting information.

      Till next time 🙂
      Best wishes !


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