Amethyst – General Guidelines


Name: Amethyst

Color: Purple

Luster: Vitreous

Hardness (Mohs scale): 7

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  • It has a unique purple color and is one of the most dominant purple gemstones in the world.


  • It was used heavily by the ancient Egyptians, and It was a popular stone in antiquity.
  • Really made an impression on the Greeks, they thought it will keep intoxication away from them if they drink with an amethyst in their cup.


  • It is renounced for working with head pain, and any kind of mental issue.
  • Blood sugar, brain imbalance, encourages healing and psychic stimulation, are all qualities that you can expect to find with amethyst.

Chakra work

  • Amethyst stimulates the third eye chakra, that really opens you up during meditation for spiritual and mental inside.

What do you think ?

Dear reader, I hope you enjoyed my general guidelines about the Amethyst. Please share your questions, opinions or guidelines in the comments below.  I personally believe, that the more we combine our knowledge the better we will understand the World of Crystals and Gemstones <^>*

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  1. Philip


    Your Amethyst Stone General Guidelines Review is spot on. I am delighted I found your article here as I was wondering the qualities of the Amethyst Stone and happy to see that it deals with mental issues and headaches. I have a friend that gives me a headache cos she is a little mental hahaa. I have to buy it for her and see if she gets the joke as she is very much into all of these kinds of stones.

    Where can I buy one though?


  2. George (Post author)

    Hey Philip,

    Thank you for your vote of confidence and I’m really happy that you find this post useful.
    By the way, you will ”fix” your friend if you gonna get an amethyst 🙂 .
    if you want to buy one, you can check the links in this post. My personal recommendation is to get one from Amazon (link in the post).
    Let me know if you found one that you like.

    Best wishes !


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