Bloodstone – General Guidelines


Name: Bloodstone

Color: Green with red or yellow spots

Luster: Vitreous

Hardness (Mohs scale): 6.5 – 7

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  • Bloodstone is actually a green stone with injections of red that give it the droplets of blood color. You can find some with yellow inclusions, which are called plasma.


  • Bloodstone has a rather sinister name and has been a part of history and dark rituals that involve the darker arts of magic.
  • It has adorned rings and has been a warrior’s stone for many cultures that enjoyed the shedding of blood and the necessary acts of violence in life.


  • These stones are all about the blood and everything that holds blood and pumps it.
  • Bloodstone helps your body to work perfectly and it wants you to be at the best possible level that you could be.
  • It’s a cleanses and improve blood circulation if you carry it with you.

Chakra work

  • Given the dominant green color, this stone could be used with the heart chakra or the root chakra if you really want to draw out the red in the stone.
  • Is a healing stone used to cleanse and realign the lower chakras with the heart.

My opinion

Dear reader, I hope you enjoyed my general guidelines about the Bloodstone. Please share your questions, opinions or guidelines in the comments below. I personally believe, that the more we combine our knowledge the better we will understand the World of Crystals and Gemstones <^>*

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